My main priority in Congress will be to focus on the real issues that are affecting our communities. Chiefly among them are the homelessness and crime epidemics. I will end the abuse of affordable housing grants through Congressional oversight. Currently, affordable housing buildings are built in Los Angeles at an astronomical cost of $500,000 to $700,000 per unit. This is exacerbating the crisis and must be rectified. 

Additionally, we must focus on the mental illness and substance abuse plaguing the homeless communities. Among the nationwide homeless population, roughly 1/3 suffer from mental illness and 2/3 have substance abuse disorders. We cannot reduce homelessness if politicians continue to ignore these realities. Therefore, I will work on legislation that diverts adequate funding towards treatment through partnership with state and local entities, and private counseling and medical treatment programs. 

The methamphetamine epidemic that Los Angeles is experiencing is a leading factor in this and the increase in crime. We need further preventative measures in addition to treatment, which is why I will also support the securing of the southern border to stop the inflow of methamphetamine and other drugs into our communities.


Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. They generate 44% of the U.S. GDP and create 2/3 of new jobs. Most importantly, around 65% of the revenue generated from local businesses is reinvested back into the community. I support tax relief for small businesses and middle-class income earners, and the elimination of unfair tax loopholes for large corporations.  


We must rethink our trade policies. Since China’s entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001, well-paying jobs have left our country in part due to China’s unfair trade and currency policies. From 2001 to 2017, 3.4 million jobs were lost nationwide and 7,300 of those where in California’s 28th District. The international trade sector is a major contributor to the Los Angeles economy. Therefore, I will only vote in favor of trade deals that protect American workers and not large corporations at the expense of great middle-class jobs. 


Our Constitutional rights are under attack from public and private entities, especially the rights to free speech, free expression, and privacy. Freedom of speech is sacrosanct and our democracy depends on it. As your Representative in Congress, I will do everything I can to preserve these rights. 

I will also fight to keep the prying eye of government and big tech out of our personal lives, to end the exploitation of Americans’ private data, and to protect our personal information from being used without our explicit consent. 

I believe in equal rights for everyone and oppose all discrimination, especially discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and political belief systems. 


I support maintaining America's role in leading the free world through a strong military and diplomacy, and I oppose costly, unnecessary foreign interventions. 

We need a robust infrastructure rebuilding program to fix our crumbling roads and bridges. 

Additionally, Congress must work across party lines to reduce prescription drug and healthcare costs for all Americans, pass common sense environmental protection standards, and prioritize strong and secure borders.

 Jennifer Barbosa For Congress
1146 N. Central Avenue #341
Glendale, CA 91202